Rojas public beach

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Rojas white sand beach is a great recreation place for anyone who loves silence, nature and sea, as well as those who want to experience more extreme feelings during the windy season.

The public beach of Rojas will welcome visitors at any time of the year! The sea and nature here are always special and seductive at any time of the year. In the winter, when our coast experiences a longer frost and the sea slowly cools down, you can start enjoying real winter pleasures by skying along the sea, skiing along the sea and when spring approaches, the impressive ice stacks can be seen on the Roja coast. Not every year in Latvia there is enough cold and long winter, thats why the ice stacks on our side do not occur every year.

In the spring, when ice is already gone and birds slowly begin to come back, then it's time to take a quick spring walks along the sea and watch birds. In the spring (May) on the beach after the winter sleep, the The Blue Hope Piglet returns, the author of the work is the artist from Roja - Maris Grosbahs. Our "Blue Piglet" have already become popular not only for locals, but also the guests are happy and captivate it in photographs.
In the summertime, you can enjoy warm sun, swiming and a variety of sports activities such as beach volleyball, football, but for children there is a nice, colorful playground. At permitted places in the sea you can take a ride with water bikes or kiteboard, as well as various other extreme sports activities.
The beach area is well-equipped with toilets, dressing booths, wooden walkways, benches. Beach area is adapted for people with disabilities - adapted walking boardwalks, amenities, viewing and turning platforms. Also now people in wheelchairs are possible to get to the beach and enjoy unforgettable moments. There are parking places for disabled people at the car park. Free Wi-Fi internet access is available at the beach parking place.

On the Roja beach there is new wooden walkway which can also be used for people with functional disorders, also has a billboard displaying information for blind and partially sighted people in the braille. People with visual impairments can get information about plants in the area of Roja seaside dune, get acquainted with the Rojas beach scheme tactile card, and you can find information on available infrastructure and information on how to behave on Rojas beach.

On the beach, it's also possible to taste delicious food and lovely hospitality in the Beach Bus Café. Brilliant way to spend sunny summer days at sea. (more information in the section - where to eat?)

It is forbidden in the dune area:

  • Making tents;
  • Creating bonfires;
  • Place vehicles outside the designated areas;
  • Entering vehicles in unplanned and prohibited places - lawns, dunes, beaches;
  • Throwing waste on the ground;
  • Without the permission of the Rojas County Council to ride a watercourse, deltaplan or a helicopter on the beach. It is prohibited on a public beach to stay with a dog during the swiming season (V-X).


For information and observation:

  • Roja's official swiming area - from the North Pier to the length of 800 m, towards the Kolka;
  • Rojas swiming place is waiting for every visitor, but you need to be tolerant to yourself and other visitors;
  • Pedestrians go to the beach only on pedestrian roads and paths;
  • Cars are parked only on designated parking areas;
  • Motor vehicles without special permission are not allowed to move around the Roja bathing area or dune area;
  • Garbage needs to br collected and disposed in garbage cans;
  • We do not plant, we do not break the branches and do not damage the underlying;
  • Dogs are not be allowed on the Roja swiming area;
  • Making tents and burning bonfires are not allowed.

Useful telephone numbers:

Rojas municipality police: T.:112; mob: 28600215

Roja VUGD, salvage on water: tel .: 112; tel: 63274333

Emergency medical care: Tel: 113

Rojas district council: tel .: 63232050

Rojas Tourism Information Center: tel .: 28630590, Selgas street 14e, Roja


Boating on the Roja River and boat rental

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Mob.Phone: +371 28627919;

Boats must be reserved by phone at least 1 hour in advance before using the planned service!

As early as the 13th century people lived in this area - the Livonian tribes, who also gave the name to the river. This is the Baltic Finnish word and in Estonian means - "mud river", but in the Livonian language - "grass". The Roja river starts near Valdemarpils and it has about 10 small tributaries. In ancient times sailors used these tributaries for going inland. Baron Hahn of the Lubezere manor exported his products through the river Roja - alcohol, wood, etc. to Riga, St. Petersburg, Holland (17th century). Also today, the river has been adapted to boating and walking along the river banks.

Boating enthusiasts have an opportunity to rent canoes (up to 15 people) or a suitable pontoon for unhurried leisure, to take a trip along the interesting Roja River in the length of 14 km.

Here you can easily get access to the Roja River, and visitors have access to different types (rowing boats, kayaks, SOT) of boat rental. Ride along the river Roja takes about ½ day.

Rental boats and pontoon in the Roja River

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Boating along the Roja River will be a pleasure for nature and silence lovers.

With a pontoon up to 10 people can go simultaneously.

Booking in advance is recommended by tel.: +371  29273407; +371 28627919
Adress: Jūras iela 1, Roja, Roja Parish, Talsi district
Price: 25.00 EUR / 1 stunda

Yacht trips in the Gulf of Riga

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Adress: Ostas iela 1, Roja

1. Yachts "Formica", for  6 persons .Phone: 29 237 322 - Liene Straupeniece
2. Yachts "Chloe"  – Viktors Ivanovs. Phone: +371 29432979
3. Roja yachtclub. Phone: + 371 22421119

Rental water adventures “Spura”

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It is possible to make SUP paddling along the Roja River or in case of favourable weather, also by sea.

We supply SUP boards to the water body chosen by the customer. SPURA also organizes SUP tours. it is recommended to book one hour in advance.

Phone number: +371 2 93 77 608

Rojas Port

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Adress: Osta iela 1, Roja, Rojas parish
Number: +371 29238127, +371 26434813

Boat quay (till 20 yachts), storage of yachts and sailing training.
The area has access to tent sites, showers and WC, laundry washing. You can go out of Roy's port for a ride with a yacht.


Roja harbour moles

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It is a popular promenade place, often visited by the locals and guests of Roja.

Here, everyone can watch the waves split and hustle and bustle in the port. A place where you can enjoy romantic sunsets, listen to the rustling sea and sea-birds clamour.
NW mole reaches 430 m in length and SE mole is 658 m long. Today moles serve as sea gate.