Trail along the Rojas River

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Roja river is mostly surrounded by an old-growth (’virgin’) forest, where forestry activities have not been undertaken for already 100 years. Those are biologically old forests, which are quite rare in Latvia, rich in plants and animals. River shore is a habitat for beavers, otters, roe deers, red deers, boars, elks, grey herons, goosanders, common goldeneyes and various other bird species. Fish like perch, river lamprey, trout, pike, roach lives in the river.
The nature trail along the River of Roja offers 3 routes of various distance along the River of Roja and forests surrounding it – 2km, 7km and 15km, each of it marked with a certain colour. Choose the appropriate distance and hit the road – by foot, bycicle and boat during spring to autumn season and by skis - in winter.
A number of resting areas have been installed along the trail, with bences, tables, WC, swings, gymnastics construction, waste bins, as well as fireplace sites and tenting areas. There are also two boat piers - at resting areas in Žocene and Roja. At the start of the trail, a spring site has been set up, particularly used by locals, which like to drink the water from the Roja spring.

Distance: 2km, 7,5km or 15 km
Time: ~2h
Parking: free

 Route on internet: 15km

Walk a Roja Beach

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The public beach of Rojas will welcome visitors at any time of the year! The sea and nature here are always special and seductive.

The route can be adjusted as needed. The long option is to walk along the wooden boardwalks, the sea-coast and the North Mole with a lighthouse at the end. The boarwalk leads along the oldest dunes that have overgrown with forest as well as the gray dunes.  There you can notice the various coastal plants growing here. The route can be continued back along the sandy beach. Most active travellers can “stretch out the legs” on the boulders of the North Mole and walk up to the very end of the Mole.

Distance: 2.3 km
Route Type: Loop
Time: 1 h
Parking: free
Trail on internet: