Souvenir and Householders'Fair

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The souvenir and home-grown market is located at the Rigas-Kolka highway, Roja, Selgas Street 1R, where locals and small business mans can market a variety of self-produced products such as fish products, vegetables, berries, flowers, honey, souvenirs or handicrafts.

There are five wooden sheds on the market place and they are placed on a semi-circle, thus forming a central circle, making it more convenient for the visitors to move around. In the middle of the square there is also an elevated type of flower bed, which will have seasonal plants, but in the winter this place will be successfully used for expositions of various works of art.

The design and layout of the trade site was designed by the landscape architect Anna Kalniņa, who won with her idea during the competition organized by Roja Tourism Association. Anna has chosen the boat as the central symbol at this point of sale, because the boat symbolizes business success, safety and hope and is very well known to everyone on this side.

The new market area for home builders was created thanks to the project of the "Roja Tourism Association" for the "Establishment of a Souvenir and Homework Retailer". The project was implemented with the support of the Rural Support Service for a total amount of 37380.56 euros, of which Rojas County Council co-financed 11768.87 euros, construction work was carried out by SIA A Celtne, but the technical project was developed by SIA Ainavists.

In order to trade at this trading venue, you must purchase a trade permit and pay a sales tax, as stipulated in the binding regulations of the Rojas Municipality No. 30/2013 "On Municipal Taxes for Trade and Trade Procedures in Public Spaces in the Rojas District". A trade permit can be obtained and payment of the fee can be made at the office of the Rojas Regional Council (Zvejnieku street 3, Roja) or at the Roja Tourism Information Center (Selga Street 14a, Roja).

Address: Selgas street 1R, Roja, Roja Parish, Talsi District
Phone number: +371 28630590

Recreation Park "Plocis"

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In the summer of 2012 landscaped promenade and recreation park „Plocis” was opened in Roja, in the centre of the town.

Here the residents of the Roja parish and visitors can enjoy their leisure time. A 3m slide hill with a climbing wall, gym set, benches, swings, constructed walkways will be built in the park.

GPS: 57.500870, 22.811801

Roja Marine Fishery Museum

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Roja Marine Fishery Museum - attractive museum will tell you all about the history of coastal fishing and shipping from ancient times to the present, about the formation of the region and the events of history.

The exposition of the Roja Sea Fishery Museum tells about the work and life of coastal fishermen in the North of Kurzeme, and about fish processing, starting from the beginning of the 20th century and up to the present, as well as about the contribution of K. Valdemārs in the development of the fishery, about small sea schools, shipbuilding at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and our sailors.

The museum exhibition tells the story of fishermen live and work in the North Coast, nautical colleges founded by Kr. Valdemars and sailing ship era at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The Soviet time exhibition reveals the history of one of the most powerful Latvian fishing kolkhoz „Banga”. The museum has an exhibition of the most prominent people and cultural workers of the coastal inhabitants of the North of Kurzeme. A change in thematic exhibitions - paintings, handicrafts, pottery, flowers, fishing and other exhibitions takes place on a regular basis in the exhibition halls.

Here you can learn about mending fishing nets, weaving on looms, tying sailors’ knots and speaking their language.

Adress: 33 Selgas Street, Roja, LV-3264
Phone: +371 63269594
Mob. phone: +371 29432899
E-pasts: vai

 May-August: Tuesday - Friday: 10.00 - 18.00; Saturday 10:00 - 17:00, Sunday – 10:00 – 15:00, Monday - closed
September-April, Tuesday - Saturday: 10.00-17.00, Sunday, Monday - closed

Entry fee:
For pupils, students, pensioners: EUR 0.50
For adults: EUR 1,00
Latvian guide tour: EUR 3,00
Guide services in foreign language: EUR 6,00



Exhibition and Creative Workshop Centre

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Adress: Selgas iela 14E, Roja, Rojas novads
Ph.num.: +371 28630580

In Roja centre are located small, light exhibition hall.  Here You can look different types of exhibitions - photos, paintings and variety of crafts products.

Exhibitions are organized around once a month at the Exhibition hall.
The Exhibition hall is open to any artist!


Roja Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Masonry church, built in the end of 18th century, also suffered during the First World War.

Adress: Enkuru iela 2, Roja, Rojas novads
Clergyman: Juris Veidenieks
Phone number: +371 28696529;

Ģipka Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Church with its special story!

 The masonry building was built in the middle of the 19th century. After 100 years the church was completely destroyed by fire. Thanks to the perseverance of local people the church was completely renovated in 2010.

In July 2020, an exhibition, jointly formed by the congregation of the Rojas Museum and the Church of Gipka, The Story of the Church of Gipka, was opened.

Lergyman: Armands Klāvs
Adress: "Straume", Ģipka, Rojas novads
Mob. phone: +371 29212933 (Valdis Rande)
Phone:  +371 63254970

Kaltene Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Kaltene Evangelical Lutheran Church, located in Kaltene, on the seashore.

At the gate of the church, the first shots for the movie “The Long Road in the Dunes” were shot.

Clergyman: Juris Veidenieks.
Phone number:+371 28696529 Juris Veidenieks


Nature trail “Pūrciems White Dune”

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Short, nice circular nature trail (900 m) with a footbridge from planks that leads through pine forest to 20 m high Pūrciems White dune. There are several viewing platforms on the way, with great views of the white sandy outcrops and the Pilsupīte River that meanders through the foot of the dune.

In this ancient place along the banks of Pilsupīte a nature trail is made. While walking along this trail you may look at how the sand spit was formed and how the nature was changed under the time and human influence. This place gives evidence of the of human settlements in Neolithic period.

Nice, short loop-type wooden trail along Pilsupe river through the pine tree forest to the 20m high Purciema white dune. Few simple viewing platforms on the way opening a spectacular view on the white sand outcrops and Pilsupe river banks. Dune holds more than 6000-year-old artefacts of human material culture. Few ups and downs, but easy to walk.

Route Type: Loop
Overall lenght: 1km
Time: ~30 min
Parking: free
Cover: Basically plank docks (during rain and winter, the covering/boardwalk can be slippery)

 Trail on internet:

Nature trail “Kaltene Bird Trail”

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Nature trail “Kaltene Bird Trail” - a linear trail along the seashore, there and back: 2.2 km.

Kaltene seaside is one of the most important bird assembly areas in Latvia during afternesting, moulting and migratory periods. At the end of the trail there is a bird watching tower. Here you can see landscapes characteristic for the gulf coast, stony Kaltene sea coast and many coastal birds.

Caltene coastal formations is a specifically protected nature, geological and geomorphological nature monument. Sediment rich in mollusc fossils have been found here dating back to the Lithorian Sea period (around 6000 years ago). This nature territory is significant not only for its geology and geomorphology, it is also interesting for its landscape, botanics and ornithology.

Bird lovers are specifically recommended to visit the trail and the watching tower in spring and autumn during the bird migration period, when high diversity of Anseriforms and Charadriformes.

Distance: 2.3 km
Route Type: Out & Back
Time: ~ 45 min
Parking: free

Route on internet:

Nature trail “Kaltenes kalvas”

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The trail route You will finde here:

Kaltene Stone Ridges is a 1.8 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Roja, Courland, Latvia that offers the chance to see wildlife.Attention

No similar formations in any other Latvian coastal area can be found. Nature researchers believe that the rampart-like piles of stones, which are subsequently overgrown with forests, were formed 10 thousand years ago in the process of retreat of the Baltic Ice Lake.

Nature trail “Kaltenes kalvas” - circular trail in the forest with a total length of 1.7 km. “Kalvas” are stone piles that are now overgrown with trees. In ancient times they stretched to the top of the trees.

Route Type: Loop
Distance: 1.8 km
Time: ~ 45 min
Parking: free
Cover: basic planksticks, garbled path (
In the fall, the docks are slippery)

Route on internet:

Kaltene Stony Beach

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Kaltene beach is peculiar and romantic with its many sea stones on the coast.


The Giant Sea Boulder of Roja

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In the stony part of the Roja seashore you will find an impressive sea boulder that has been brought here and left by the glacier.

At the end of Jomas Street, Roja, in the seashore.
Its circumference is 12.5 m, height of about 2 m.

Rojas Sun Stone

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GPS: lat=57.493710, lon=22.7915666667
57° 29′ 37″ N, 22° 47′ 29″ E

TIC Adress: Selgas iela 14E, Roja, Rojas novads
Number: +371 28630590

The stone has obtained the name Sun Stone because it contains a sign of the sun.

Virtual tower

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Want to enjoy the nature trail from a whole different point of view? Feel and see it from a bird's flight, listen to what happens in the woods, how is it grown?
Here you can enjoy the active recreation and familiarity with your audio guide with aerial panoramic views by discovering the sustainable management of the forest in the maritime area.

Seven interactive checkpoints during a walk will open the door to the forestry world, allowing for a deeper and understanding of what is visible around us. In addition, three camping sites with benches, desks, facilities, swings, gymnasium structures, as well as fire sites have been created for the well-being of travelers in nature.
When you move along the natural path, you will see the interactive checkpoints viewing tower INFO mark on which Maris Olt will invite you to rise above the tops of the trees, resonate the QR code on it with your smartphone. Then you'll see the same place in a 360 ° aero panorama at a height of 40-120 m. When looking at aero's views, listen to the story on the management of the surrounding forest. Interactive aero panorams include indications such as images, descriptions and links to more detailed information on forest management.
This is one of the first projects of this kind of supplemented reality in Latvia, which allows a virtual view of sites in high-resolution 360 ° aero panoramas in nature, in parallel by knowing them in professionally prepared audio stories.

On internet:

Andres el Leton Memorial House in Kaltene

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Andres el Leton Memorial House in Kaltene - memorial house of internationally known flamenco guitarist Andris Kārkliņš.

Get to know the life story of creative personality through exciting stories. Offered a variety of master classes and tastings of local delicacies.

Booking in advance, opened from May - October.
Adress: „Zuši”, Kaltene, Rojas novads
Phone: +371 26623781

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Sightseein in camping "Melnsils" neighborhood

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Phone: +371 28605606
On internet:

Thrommel palace:
Old stories tell that in 14.century, the only real Latvian robber, Trommel, who had owned Trommel palace , lived in the Melnsils, on the shore of the sea. While the ships near Melnsils were waiting for a favourable wind to pass the nearby Kolkas regs, Trommel had robbed the ships and stored the ruined treasure in the basements of the castle. The place and the walls of the castle were visible at the end of the 19. century and at the beginning of 20. century, when the local people used stones and bricks to build the houses.
The Thrommel Palace is unvisible today, but it is an archaeological monument of national importance. The castle is located 400 m north-east from the Melnsils village shop and 100 m from the Krauju houses.

Ēvaži nature trail:
The trail starts near the highway Riga-Kolka (P 131) at the border of Slītere National Park marked with the brown sign Ēvažu stāvkrasts (Ēvaži Steep) and introduces visitors to one of the few steep coasts of the Gulf of Riga – Ēvaži Steep, which is 8-15 m high. This is a one-way trail, the route out and back takes about 1,2 km. The trail leads to a nice wooden viewing platform with stairs going down to the beach. The edge of the bluff opens an amazing sea panorama. The beach line is quite thin and during stormy weather it disappears in the waves completely. Thanks to the ground waters of Bažu bog, which filter down into the soil and flow out onto the surface of the beach, the sand of the beach is always wet.

Old tools for fishermen and farmers off the coast of Kurzeme:
The tools are located in the camping "Melnsils" area.

Rojas Art School Exhibition Hall

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Here you can look at various Art school student paintings. Exhibitions are regularly altered, offering to look at artworks in a various styles and techniques.



Adress: Strauta iela 3, Roja
Phone: +371 29140791

September-May: Mon, Tues, Fri: 14.00-18.00
Juny-August: Sat: 12.00-14.00

Kaltene Club

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 An excursion through the historic Kaltene Club building, built in 1890 as summer cottage of Baron von Firks. The building has served as a school, a library and a public center of the Kaltene people - Kaltene Club.

Rental of spaces for celebration (celebration hall, kitchen) - EUR 20,00 (1 hour)

Rental of spaces for festivities (celebration hall, accommodation rooms) - EUR 400,00 (up to 24 hours)

Rental of premises and outdoor areas (outdoor rest area, tent sites, celebration hall, accommodation facilities) - EUR 450,00 (up to 24 hours)

Rental of premises for seminars, company meetings, lectures, conferences)- EUR 15,00 (1 hour)
- EUR 30,00 (up to 3 hours)
- + EUR 10,00 per hour

Overnight accommodation in the Kaltene Club building without the use of a celebration hall- EUR 5,00 (person)

Phone: 63269594, 29432899

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